Goals 2021

January 29, 2021


This year has been tough. Living in the UK and faced with lockdown for most of the year, my goals shifted a lot from taking on the world, to staying sane!

At a retrospective - it’s fair to say In the past I have been over ambitious with my goal selection.

I have tried the extreme, listing every area in my life, setting goals, then projects against them etc. Whilst I do believe this promotes a well balanced life and I really like the idea on paper - for me it becomes an operation burdon, and a drain on my energy juggling goals in every area, continuously.

This year I want to rely on habits more, reducing required motivation to achieve a lot more, getting “free” productivity in certain areas. E.G daily medititation / journaling

Outside my my habits, whilst i’ll stick with goals - I prefer not to always rely on well defined projects projects and tasks (although they certainly have a place). Instead focus on a daily highlight, that makes my day “worth it”.


In order to improve habits stickyness, and not overwhelm myself trying to tackle everything, every day, i’ll be setting days for partiicular activities.

  • Gym 3x a week, running 2x
  • Piano practice twice per week (monday, thursday)
  • Side project twice per week (tuesday, friday / weekend)
  • Daily “Learn something new” for 1 hour in the morning before work
  • Complete my daily

These will all be tracked using beeminder, with public links available here -


  • Run a 5k in 25 minutes
  • Move away from England (could be another difficult year for this - lets see how this one goes)
  • Play a full song on piano
  • Create and release a song
  • Build & release my first online game (“io” style)
  • Build & release my first SAAS product

There are a few career / personal goals i’ve kept from the list, with the above being those i’m happy being public for now.

Have a good new year all, thanks for reading.

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